Rates Farm Campsite

Prices are shown per night
Adults € 5,00
Childeren (age 0-12) € 4,50
Tent € 4,50
Extra tent € 4,00
Awning / Caravan € 5,00
Camper € 5,50
Electricity € 4,00
Car € 0,50
Dog € 0,80









Conditions and information

Before July 1 and after August 30 , the rate is reduced by 10%

Our campsite is open from 1 April - 31 October.

The tax is 0.20 per person per day.


In case of cancellation the following charges will be levied:
Up to two months prior to arrival: € 15,- administrative costs
Up to two weeks prior to arrival: 50% of the booking costs
You will be charged the full costs if you cancel less than two weeks in advance of the arrival date.


Dogs are very welcome provided they are kept on a line and do not cause inconvenience to other camp users.

Do not feed the animals

Please do not feed the animals present at the site. This creates bad habits which are difficult to change. Upon request leftovers may be fed to the chicken, rabbits and/or sheep.

Waste disposal

We operate a policy of separate waste collection and provide bins for this purpose. These can be emptied in a central place located outside where it is clearly marked what goes where. The categories are general waste, biological waste, paper, cardboard, glass and cans.


Items can be stored in the communal refrigerator. Please take other users into account by using this facility sparingly, marking your items and removing them upon departure. Please also clean up any spillage.

Washing machine

Washing can be done using the communal washing machine. Washing powder is not provided. Please indicate on the list provided when you started the cycle, so that others may know when the machine is available again. The charge is 3 euro per cycle and will be added to your bill. Two washing racks are provided as well as washing lines outside.


On the site there are several areas for building campfires. Firewood is not provided but it can be readily obtained from our woods. Axes and saws are available upon request.

Please take into account the wind direction when selecting an area as smoke can cause inconvenience to other campsite users.

For safety purposes it is required to have a bucket of water readily available.

Extinguishing fires

You will find a fire extinguisher at the main entrance which can be used in the event of accidental fires. Charges will be incurred for improper use.

Use of toilet and shower facilities

We kindly request that you leave the facilities in a clean and tidy condition